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These individuals may be unique on a variety of characteristics, such as openness, talkativeness and their reactions to their sisters' childbearing.
Behavioral and emotional dysfunction: anxiety, confusion, talkativeness, mania
Talkativeness, but conversation often lacks continuity; changes subjects rapidly.
The trend is linear for age on measures of talkativeness or total word output, NDW, and type-token ratio.
Examples of such behavior might include those tied to social affiliation, talkativeness, assertiveness, energy and activity levels, vigorousness, boldness, and daring (Goldberg, 1992).
In his essay On Talkativeness, for instance, he praises Odysseus's self-control: Plutarch approves quite frequently of such control of oneself, especially control of the tongue.
Signs include weight loss, poor hair coat and increased appetite and talkativeness.
Student participation, talkativeness, and social interaction are viewed as important contributors to the attainment of learning objectives (Daly & Korinek, 1980).
Lord Peter Wimsey stands alone in the world of detective fiction for his sheer talkativeness.
These are the factors that capture such qualities as talkativeness or assertiveness versus passivity, and imagination or creativity versus conventionality.
Cleitophon could certainly be called [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], since the term has connotations of talkativeness or garrulity as much as anything, and he is now nearing the end of the eighth book of his narration.
Pelachyk can be downright garrulous a lot of the time--but it's a talkativeness grounded in knowledge and common sense, especially about the building of machine tools.