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There was minor disruption to local trains before the men were talked down from the bridge at around 8.
After the man was talked down, a neighbour, who would not be named, said: "The first thing I knew about it was when I came out and saw the police and emergency services.
Simon Medland, QC, prosecuting insisted Wilcocks was simply an "angry man" who did not like being talked down to by women.
Summary: BEIRUT: Arab League chief Amr Moussa voiced doubts Thursday over the progress of indirect negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, and talked down the possibility of direct talks between the two sides.
A SUICICAL man was talked down from the top of the famous Tyne Bridge in Newcastle yesterday.
A man was talked down from the roof of a house after an eight-hour stand-off with emergency services who were trying to help him.
Chances are that many of today's parents fondly remember learning their ABCs with the help of ``The Electric Company,'' a show that was always cool and never talked down to children.
Each woman who agreed was asked, in a face-to-face interview, the four questions that make up the HITS survey, a validated questionnaire for assessing domestic violence: whether a partner or family member had physically hurt her, insulted her or talked down to her, threatened her with harm, or screamed or cursed at her during this pregnancy Women answering yes to any of the questions were offered the phone number of a 24-hour domestic violence intervention center.
But I was not prepared to be talked down to by adults as if my 16 years of rocky life were too few to know about myself.
The text is not lengthy, but the print is small and the tone is such that senior high students would not think they are being talked down to as they read it.
Dressed in T-shirt and trousers, the man spent all night moving between different roofs and was finally talked down to ground level on Olivia Street at 4.
One of the main reasons patients fail appointments in hygiene is because they have been talked down to by the hygienist (scolded or reprimanded) as if they were a child regarding their lack of home care efficiency.