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Frank-Walter Steinmeier of the Social Democrats, meanwhile conceded defeat in the poll saying: "There is no talking around it: this is a bitter defeat.
Meanwhile, Gore's remarks, while certainly welcome, seemed positively out of left field--not least because, unburdened by electoral concerns, he spoke freely on a subject most politicians get tongue-tied talking around.
NINE years have passed since Jesse and Celine spent a few hours walking and talking around Vienna in Before Sunrise.
It was a negative event for the whole league and Nottingham has to sit down wit their own players and say this is not what we want for our league instead of talking around it.
If you have the track and other cars boxed, you could be talking around pounds 120 or so.
While his Oscar nomination for ``The Insider'' and the worldwide commercial success of ``Gladiator'' made Crowe an A-list actor this year, the garrulous bloke has clearly also learned the handy star tactic of talking around uncomfortable subjects.