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AFB also produced most of the records and founded Talking Book Topics to announce new titles.
Brewer, D-Barre, a member of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, called access to talking books a civil right and said the programs should be at least level funded.
Mr Fellowes is due to take over the chairmanship of the Talking Books appeal tomorrow from Lord Melvyn Bragg, has previously voiced around half a dozen books for the blind, including an Alice In Wonderland with "very peculiar voices".
The campaign, entitled Give the Joy of Reading, is calling for the government to become more involved in the funding of the talking books service.
The Talking Books program offers 60,000 book titles with a range of topics similar to that found in any public library, as well as recorded versions of 46 national magazines, including Good Housekeeping, National Geographic, People Weekly, Sports Illustrated and U.
99 per talking book - and each one normally retails up to pounds 9.
The results from our Talking Book project are very encouraging, and receiving recognition from Bill and Melinda Gates is incredibly rewarding.
MTM procures production of Talking Book and Talking book with text in DAISY 2:02.
The highlight of her day is listening to talking books supplied by the RNIB.
Read2Go is a new accessible e-book application developed by Benetech in partnership with Shinano Kenshi Company, the developer of PLEXTALK digital Talking Book players.