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David Cameron and the Conservatives seem to want to spend the whole time talking down education.
During the course, he took part in several role plays - in one situation talking down a woman who was about to "mercy" kill her terminally ill mother.
See, around these parts, anyone talking down on MD must have a hunger for hollow tips.
That's the view of South Wales East AM Mike German, who says people should stop talking down Merthyr.
I've seen two youths fighting in St John's Precinct, a man using foul language and threatening someone while talking down a mobile phone, a man and woman arguing very aggressively and using foul language and children on the bus shouting, threatening and swearing at other passengers.
This highly entertaining graphic novel deals with popularity--an issue that all teens are concerned with--without talking down to its audience or being preachy.
When I mention the word "composting toilets" people become very rude and begin talking down to me as if I fell off a turnip truck.
HOW sad it is to see Neil Kinnock once more talking down the aspirations of his own country.
The friendly, no-nonsense text offers practical advice and tips, for learning to relax, staying focused, remembering stuff, getting homework done, making friends and more, all without talking down to its young audience.
When helping women with their planning needs, CPAs must avoid talking down to the client or telling her what she can't of shouldn't do.