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I hope that, besides the three chapters of Straight Talk in the southern Ontario area, there are similar chastity education organizations elsewhere in Canada.
Ad rates are up at the loudest talk outlets - KLSX and KFI-AM (640) - and on music stations like KROQ (which carries the nightly sex-talk show ``Loveline'') where spots for services such as breast implants, penis enlargements and condoms don't pull any punches.
Stylistically, She Talks also bears some of the marks of earlier Kennedy works, but ultimately this play veers away from extremes and toward a more controlled and reassuring diction.
In addition to its carrier partners, TALKS Version 2.
At this hour, the talks are continuing but there are no agreements on any of the major issues,'' Witt said just before midnight.
SpeechPAK TALKS provides users with the information they need quickly, in a comfortable, easy-to-use manner, alerting them to messages such as email, text messages and incoming calls, and provides a unique caller ID function that enables users to learn who is calling without picking up the phone.
Push and Talk is therefore similar to traditional voice radio, although the new service can do much more.
Standard Intel-based PC servers running Windows NT can store an unlimited number of Talks to create a true "corporate knowledgebase.
The talks involve such brand names as MTV and "Star Trek," which could become the first entertainment content signed to Microsoft's new commercial online network.
Privately held Talk Technology is the nation's leading supplier of voice enabled clinical workflow and reporting solutions for healthcare.
Talk Technology develops high-performance speech recognition and workflow solutions, utilizing the most advanced technology to meet its customers' needs.
With the integration of LifeCode(TM), Talk Technology customers can enjoy the proven success of the TalkStation(TM) workstation, along with added advances in NLP technology, taking full advantage of state-of-the-art coding to ensure reporting compliance.