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Balanced Reciprocal Translocation t(X;1) in a Girl with Tall Stature and Primary Amenorrhea.
When it is analysed according to gender variable, the levels of the tall stature, the right hand grip strength, the left hand grip strength, leg strength, vertical jumping height and distance of long jump by standing of boys are significantly higher than girls (p < 0, 05) whereas there was no significant differences between their body weight.
I thought this was the constituency of a veteran leader Meira Kumar and there would be more development in Sasaram, but it seems as if the area is burdened by leaders of tall stature, it is almost like someone had put a cloth over our nose and it is not letting us breathe," said Modi.
Tall stature as presenting symptom in a girl with triple X syndrome.
Common endocrine disorders include Thyroid Diseases, Short / Tall Stature, Brittle Bones, disturbance in Calcium Metabolism, Male and Female Infertility, Hirsutism, Gynecomastia Ambiguous Genitalia, various Sexual Problems and Steroid Disorders.
Let's say we wish to determine the prevalence of tall stature among adults.
His tall stature and voice may lend him the 'geezer' tag, but there's nothing hard about Mays.
A particularly compelling stoW is the evolution of our understanding of Marfan syndrome (MFS), one of the classic autosomal dominantly inherited disorders characterized by tall stature, disproportionately long limbs, dislocated lenses, and other connective tissue abnormalities.
Moose are especially dangerous to drivers as their dark brown coat and tall stature keeps their eyes above the height where they would reflect headlights.
His partner also has Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder characterised by disproportionately long limbs, long thin fingers, a typically tall stature, as well as a predisposition to heart abnormalities.
People would criticise Brian for a supposed inability to scrummage, but they only said that because of his tall stature,' Thorburn added.