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TALLAGE. This word is derived from the French tailler, and signifies literally to cut. In England it is used to signify subsidies, taxes, customs, and indeed any imposition whatever by the government for the purpose of raising a revenue. Bac. Ab. Smuggling, &c. B; Fortesc. De Laud. 26; Madd. Exch. ch. 17; 2 Inst. 531, 532 Spelm. Gl. h.v.

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1210 NOVEMBER 1, King John, brother of Richard the Lionheart, began persecuting Jews, ordering them to pay a tallage.
That is what selectmen will decide after hearing about the process from Bill Cowin, of Tallage Inc.
Autrement dit, le pays a encore besoin de pluies, surtout que le ble dans certaines regions est encore au stade du debut tallage, notamment dans la region du nord.
20,000, 17 Main St, Tallage IMP LLC, to Blast Tech Inc.
Faute d'alternative, les agriculteurs sont en train de scruter le ciel, invoquant la benediction divine pour qu'ils puissent mener l'operation de desherbage et de fertilisation en matiere de culture des semis precoces qui sont en debut de tallage.