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TALLAGE. This word is derived from the French tailler, and signifies literally to cut. In England it is used to signify subsidies, taxes, customs, and indeed any imposition whatever by the government for the purpose of raising a revenue. Bac. Ab. Smuggling, &c. B; Fortesc. De Laud. 26; Madd. Exch. ch. 17; 2 Inst. 531, 532 Spelm. Gl. h.v.

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Whilst they could no longer pay the tallages, the wealthier Jews still owned substantial property, so that by expelling them and requisitioning their property, Edward was able to acquire substantial funding.
If he were to rule over them with a power only royal, he could be able to change the laws of the realm, and also impose on them tallages and other burdens without consulting them; this is the sort of dominion which the civil laws indicate when they state that "what pleased the prince has the force of law.