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What would we term the tallness of the ten men as a group?
Ergonomics assessment factors Factors: 15 offered in survey + 4 added * by the respondents M exhaust gases from motor vehicles (with emphasis on the smell of heavy vehicle exhaust gases) C comfort of the working seat and adjustability of the height of the seat compared to the worker's tallness.
Minimalistic cartoon imagery understates emotion but it is the tallness of the tale that counts.
Recall the example at Phaedo 102b of Simmias who possesses both tallness and smallness at the same time being taller than Socrates and smaller than Phaedo.
Tallness could often compensate for less skill as they could reach beyond the other children, meaning they were more likely to get passes and chances at shooting--coaches would actively position them under the basket to await passes.
There is potential for all students to portray a part of the John Hancock building at the skyscrapers cart; all kids at the prairie cart can compare their own heights to the tallness of Illinois prairie flowers; every fourth grader surrounding the fire cart can help "burn" the city down--and boy, do they want to.
This ideal includes a masculine (V-shaped) physique, tallness, and muscularity (mesomorphic body builds).
Moreover, its fourbay width at ground level, with 2-4-2 fenestration above, together with the continuity of its vertical engaged piers rising unbroken from third floor to ornamental crown, contributed to an expressive tallness and enhanced the tower's dynamic sense of movement skyward.
Instead of erasing her tallness or the midget's shortness, she "inhabit[s] the space between truth and fiction .
With rapid advances in genetic engineering, it won't be long before parents will be able to create taller offspring by having their physicians transfer genes for tallness to embryos in mothers desiring taller children.
And while this might not seem extraordinary in some cases, it is in others: as Dancy contends, 'putting tallness and strength in the same bag as beauty and justice, as Socrates does, shows that he is not relying on the special content of any of these terms as founding his claim that they are not perceptible by the senses' (248).
Pooled data showed a convincing association between tallness and bowel and postmenopausal breast cancer.