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No one in the Mingott set could understand why Amy Sillerton had submitted so tamely to the eccentricities of a husband who filled the house with long- haired men and short-haired women, and, when he travelled, took her to explore tombs in Yucatan instead of going to Paris or Italy.
To be accused of being a real wizard, when I'm not, is a slander I will not tamely submit to.
It seemed such sheer nonsense to be sitting tamely there, when she was at a dance with more lovers than man could calculate fluttering about her--with the whole party doting on and adoring her, and wanting to marry her.
Do you submit to this tamely, or are public feeling and the voice of heaven against you?
Are you to keep your own prize, while I sit tamely under my loss and give up the girl at your bidding?
I tell you, if I had stood by, tamely and passively, I should have hated myself, and merited the contempt of every man in existence.
The cage door opened, and when the small bird, reared in captivity, had tamely fluttered in, he saw it shut again; and then he came away.
But he commanded himself, and said tamely enough: 'I think it must be kept from my old lady, Wegg.
Colin Tizzard's star chaser was even-money favourite but clearly wasn't as fit as his trainer expected and faded tamely to finish fifth behind Beer Goggles.
AS the government finally admits there would be "an increase in administration compared with being inside the EU customs union" why are we so tamely accepting the already all-too-evident self-harm of Brexit?
The Lancashire opener drove tamely to Ian Bell at silly mid-off for 17 to leave his first Test ambitions hanging by a thread.
The big disappointment was Lumiere, who folded tamely after forcing the issue.