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60) Of course, the comparative tameness of 'A Small Ode' stems in part from the fact that, like Burns in 'Tam o' Shanter', Baxter constructs an ironically moralising speaker who not ordy cuts short the Scottish Bard's lascivious reminiscence ('Ah, well; it's grim; / But I will have to censor him') but carefully censors himself ('Hush
I was coming back to the settled world, its harnessed tameness.
Not only is this a shift towards tameness in the sequence, the identification of pigs with humans, here men, underscores the sacrificers' empowerment.
If the firm has favored a somewhat tame variant upon mainstream neo-modernism in most of its New York projects, such tameness is mercifully absent in Union Square.
As Hooper parenthetically explains: "The Blue Peter, with its half-webbed feet, its chicken-like bill, its strong odor, and its absolute tameness, is always spared by the duck-shooter" (100).
Tameness is thus not a racial inheritance or characteristic; it is, on the contrary, "a spiritual achievement" that requires many generations to complete and perfect.
For "the unique charm of the animals in a national park lies in their wildness, not their tameness," he believed, "in their primitive struggle to survive rather than the fat certainty of an easy living.
Given the tameness of the action beforehand it was hard to know what the players found to get so excited about.
They describe the various classic examples of wild embeddings; knottedness, tameness, and local flatness; engulfing; and different codimensions, including piecewise linear tools, the algebraic variants needed to construct counterexamples to the approximation and existence of embeddings, and the locally flat approximation theorem for manifolds.
Yet most university alumni will watch this with a certain level of disappointment at the tameness of their antics.
Washington, June 9 (ANI): A team of German, Russian, and Swedish scientists have found genetic regions that are responsible for animal tameness.
Dumb" or "paralytic" rabies involves depression, apparent tameness and gradual paralysis.