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Pastoral is among the tamest of literary forms, and the most vital aspect of the natural world is its wildness.
That's Updike's tamest dig at Beth, who wastes her days languishing in a La-Z-Boy (which Updike describes, like everything else, in such detail that the book reads like a guidebook for Martians) sucking down oatmeal cookies and soap operas.
Creeley is [the] tamest imitation of Williams' tricks, tone, mannerisms, rhythms.
Another stance is to increase security measures, implementing elaborate content filtering software which can block all but the tamest incoming emails and attachments, or tailoring the email server to intercept incoming emails which contain a range of attachments.
It's regrettable that this thinking is still prevalent and that that quote is the tamest part of the letter.
These two facts alone - probably the two tamest indications of the quality of life inside the H-blocks that could be found in 'One Day in My Life', illustrate the fact that this book is a labour.
Scooby-Doo is the tamest of Kings Dominion's 11 world-class roller coasters.
Only the tamest foxes from each generation were selected to breed with one another.
Playboy TV is considered the tamest, featuring sophisticated adult fare; Spice and The Adult Channel are a bit more risqu[acute{e}] with adult movies, as is Japan's locally-produced Channel Ruby; and Venus is the most erotic of all the channels.
Even Tunisia's National Assembly could usefully be assisted, despite be Ben Ali regime's harsh treatment in 1995 of the tamest of opposition parties.
At its wildest it is never overdramatic: the Lake District hills are toys compared to the Alps, and North Cornwall is about the tamest of all North-West Europe's rough Atlantic coasts.
Incredible as it may seem in this tamest of countries, such places have begun to reevolve in the half century and more since the lack of wilderness in the German landscape made Aldo Leopold so uneasy.