tamper with

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Raddle, turning fiercely to the first-floor lodger, 'that a woman could be married to such a unmanly creetur, which can tamper with a woman's feelings as he does, every hour in the day, ma'am?
SOCRATES: If they had been, there would assuredly have been discerners of characters among us who would have known our future great men; and on their showing we should have adopted them, and when we had got them, we should have kept them in the citadel out of the way of harm, and set a stamp upon them far rather than upon a piece of gold, in order that no one might tamper with them; and when they grew up they would have been useful to the state?
who reportedly helped the drivers tamper with the meters.
Gul had earlier said that he had seen Anderson tamper with the ball during the Pakistan-England Test series in England last year, while Broad during the Ashes series.
Willis said an old tamper with a worn out gasoline engine can be given new life by replacing it with a HIS air motor kit--the cost is about the same as a replacement gasoline engine.
3, his action will be interpreted as an attempt to tamper with the ball.