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By examining the tangencies between a whole set of earnings possibility frontiers for different pairs of children with a single parental sub-welfare curve, the curvature and the asymmetry of the parental sub-welfare function can be traced out, conditional on the earnings production function and on the parental sub-welfare function being homothetic.
DesignAnalyst examines the actual CAD geometry for things like correct curvature of surfaces, surface flatness, mismatched tangencies or "creases," gaps and overlaps in geometry.
These tangencies or implicit prices are what this study attempts to estimate through the use of a hedonic equation.
The animation fixer takes it a step further with suggested fixes or "most likely resolution" mode, an option that enables the system to tweak the data in a way that maintains tangencies and provides smoother character motions.
In addition, the simple schooling model is subject to an identification problem if the data in log earnings-schooling space are generated by tangencies between concave earnings functions and linear iso-present value curves.