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So, it appears that I perceived internal tangency when about 1/20 of Venus's diameter was already out of the Sun, and external tangency when there was still 1/20 of the planet's diameter over the Sun.
In all cases, the external points of tangency between the radius of the bend and the long edge where used as reference.
The fact that the hiker forgot where he came from corresponds to the stipulation that the location of the tangency point on the circle is unknown.
Continuity along the edges is also obtained for the Gnomonic projection (Maling 1993), where these same circumcenters serve as the points of tangency.
There are interesting frictions and incongruities in these places and, often, if you stand at the point of tangency, you can see both sides better than if you were in the middle of either" (Fadiman, p.
The point of tangency of the indifference curve and the efficient frontier represents the locus of the optimal portfolio at the given risk preference.
In particular, Inequality (3) gives the tangency points of the c.
But the point is considerably larger than this tangency implies.
This allocation dominates a portfolio of only risky assets in all cases except the point of tangency between the efficient frontier of risky assets and the CML.
with the appropriate accuracy and tangency within the CAM system.
In terms of the diagram, condition (2) ensures the tangency of [u.
Points of tangency dominated the Los Angeles Philharmonic's program Thursday night.