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Values of other OC tangents no effect on the inspected result in the case of OK method 1, but can significantly affect the use of other techniques.
i[not equal to]j(k)] indicate that any increase in the value of the tangent at any OC would reduce the calculated values on other OC tangents.
When using 3 methods calculated tangents differ from the actual not only in <<healthy>>, but also in <<damaged>> OC--not at the moment of change, but starting from the next measurement.
This is a great example of a global giant partnering with a regional expert to deliver cutting edge rail technology in North America, said Bill Collins, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer at Quester Tangent.
In the past five years, Quester Tangent has worked hard to become a qualified vendor for CTA, North Americas second largest public transportation system.
This agreement will strengthen our position as a strategic supplier and will allow us to build a long-term partnership to support Chicagos mass transit, stated Stephen McKay, President and CEO at Quester Tangent.
Up to now the proof of the method for constructing tangents using a straightedge only was based on special tools and properties from Projective and Synthetic geometry [2], [3, p.
In the following we shall also present the construction problems that implement the method of construction of tangents to a circle using a straightedge only.
The number of operating speed prediction models on tangents set out in the literature generally is lower than on circular elements because driver speed behavior is more complex to analyze.
They subsequently calibrated predictive speed models on tangents and curves which are not restricted to a specific percentile, but for all percentile speeds from the 5th to the 95th in increments of five.
This order, which is valued at more than $300,000, is the largest single order received by Tangent in connection with an industry trade show.
Tangent representatives arrived at CeBit in Hanover, Germany to support three business partners who chose Tangent's large format Sheetfeed scanner and Reproworks color matching software as key attractions in their booths during what is commonly called the World's Largest Computer Fair.