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The number of operating speed prediction models on tangents set out in the literature generally is lower than on circular elements because driver speed behavior is more complex to analyze.
They subsequently calibrated predictive speed models on tangents and curves which are not restricted to a specific percentile, but for all percentile speeds from the 5th to the 95th in increments of five.
The analysis is divided into two phases: the first deals with the identification of transition regions and the assessment of deceleration/acceleration rates for each curve, while the second concerns the calibration and validation of predictive operating speed models on tangents and curves.
Predicted operating speed models on tangents were calibrated using 140 study sites.
Table 1 shows all the features measured on selected tangents and circular segments.
Sihl's decision to show both the Unix version of Tangent's color matching software and Reproworks, Tangents Windows NT version, further proves their continued confidence in Tangent system sales into the European market in 1998.
This order, which is valued at more than $300,000, is the largest single order received by Tangent in connection with an industry trade show.
Tangent representatives arrived at CeBit in Hanover, Germany to support three business partners who chose Tangent's large format Sheetfeed scanner and Reproworks color matching software as key attractions in their booths during what is commonly called the World's Largest Computer Fair.
Tangent's continued efforts to remain a leader in the development of large format image capture and color reproduction products keep our customers demanding the Tangent name.