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The determinants of leverage are: median industry leverage, market-to-book assets ratio, tangibility, profits, log of assets and expected inflation.
Tangibility refers to how it feels to read while holding a book vs.
4 shows that tangibility is negatively related to changes in debt levels of the Pakistani firms.
There is only the physical tangibility of things, the slimy hard back of a fish wrapped in newspaper being held forward on two upturned palms into the doorway of another man in the night.
This study will consider possible firm-specific characteristics: firm liquidity, tangibility, growth, risk, size, non-debt tax-shield, the industry in which the firm operates, non-executive directors' percentage, director ownership and foreign ownership.
These are not dream spaces but ones of proximity--if not quite tangibility.
The increased focus on treasure assets is part of that same trend and represents a general move toward simplicity, familiarity and tangibility," concludes Davies.
Within the Asset Management department, there is greater transparency and better collaboration between functions, while there is also increased tangibility of the efforts of each function.
Whereas we might think she is going to caution us not to equate "the gingerbread houses" and "tales come true" of Fairyland with the "Pure Act" of God, Mirrlees finds the idea of pure act noisome, the tangibility of Fairyland preferable, saying of a more abstract, disembodied God, "How can we stand it" (45).
Connecting these two sections is Alison Griffith's essay, which also uses a media archaeological approach to make connections between the power, promises, and pleasures afforded by contemporary 3-D technologies and medieval forms of visual culture that created depth and emergence effects in the absence of a visible screen (which bears important relation to Loew's analysis of "Pepper's Ghost") while invoking the tangibility and tactility so central to the pleasures of past and present incarnations of 3-D cinema (as both Loew and Caetlin Benson-Allott demonstrate).
There also are three elements of charismatic rhetoric that are relatively gender neutral: (6) temporal orientation, (7) tangibility, and (8) values or moral justification.