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Possessing a physical form that can be touched or felt.

Tangible refers to that which can be seen, weighed, measured, or apprehended by the senses. A tangible object is something that is real and substantial. An automobile is an example of tangible Personal Property.


adjective actual, certain, clear-cut, concrete, corporal, corporeal, definite, discernible by touch, evident, manifest, material, not elusive, not vague, palpable, perceivable, perceptible, physical, plain, positive, real, solid, somatic, substantial, substantive, tactile, tactual, touchable, tractabilis, verifiable, visible, well-defined
Associated concepts: tangible object, tangible property, tannible value
See also: actual, apparent, appreciable, bodily, certain, concrete, corporal, corporeal, de facto, manifest, material, palpable, perceivable, perceptible, physical, positive, substantive
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High-net-worth homeowners can sufficiently protect their wealth if they have access to a 360-degree view of their tangible assets.
Intangibles' become especially important when a business encounters situations where it needs to finance above and beyond the value of its tangible assets -- something traditional bank financing does not 'always do.
His understanding of the industry, and his vision for the future of tangible asset investing truly complement our goals here at CTGroup, and we are honored he has chosen to be a part of the powerful investment movement we are leading in this country.
They, along with telecom operators, however have been demanding that spectrum should be categorized as a tangible asset which could then be pledged, considering that the scarce natural resource is the most valuable asset that a telco has.
In April, exchange officials notified Incomnet that it was not in compliance with listing requirements because its stock had traded below $1 for 30 consecutive trading days and that its net tangible assets were below the minimum requirements.
This week, Griffiths will be stationed at the 120th American Numismatics Association (ANA) World's Fair of Money Convention, in Chicago, Illinois, educating visitors about tangible asset investments, the CTGroup and the RCU.
On May 14, however, the company was given until July 2 to prove its stock price has remained above $1 for 10 consecutive trading days, and until July 15 to meet the net tangible asset requirement.
The show answers questions related to tangible asset investing, precious metals and numismatics.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- Smith Technology Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTH) announced today that it has been informed by Nasdaq that, based on Nasdaq's net tangible asset and bid price requirements, the Company no longer qualifies to be listed as a Nasdaq National Market issuer.
The rating actions reflect the significant pro forma respective and consolidated debt loads of the holding and operating companies of RHD and Dex , the intense competition from independent directories, increased usage of online (and threat of wireless) search, the risk of further debt financed acquisitions, limited tangible asset value,recovery prospects in distress and the structural subordination present within the capital structure.