tangible proof

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References in classic literature ?
Poirot might have excellent reasons for his belief in Inglethorp's innocence, but a man of the type of Summerhaye would require tangible proofs, and these I doubted if Poirot could supply.
Then, the paleness of her face - its haggard aspect having vanished as she recovered flesh - and the peculiar expression arising from her mental state, though painfully suggestive of their causes, added to the touching interest which she awakened; and - invariably to me, I know, and to any person who saw her, I should think - refuted more tangible proofs of convalescence, and stamped her as one doomed to decay.
The introduction of the new 20 banknote is tangible proof of this.
These projects reflect tangible proof of the breadth and depth of our bilateral relations and the strength of our decades long historic ties," UAE News Agency (WAM) reported on Tuesday.
While Eliademy already offers students free online certificates, this new functionality aims at providing them with a more tangible proof of their accomplishment.
Opening the session, HPR Speaker Mohamed Ennaceur estimated that the presence of international dignitaries in the march against terrorism staged, Sunday, following the terrorist attack against the BardoMuseum is a tangible proof of solidarity with Tunisia in countering terrorism.
The judge said that the men were found with bomb-making instructions and Jihadist propaganda, but that with no tangible proof of having participated in Jihadist combat or a clear plan, the maximum sentence could not be applied.
Summary: Tangible proof of the city's fast-expanding academic programs in fashion design fluttered down a catwalk Monday night at American University of Science and Technology's first fashion show, which was hosted at their campus in Ashrafieh.
THE European Commission report that the economy is set to grow by almost 2% this year is tangible proof the country is in recovery mode.
Villa finished last season with 41 points and are looking to improve on that tally this season as tangible proof of progress.
Today, the banking sector forms around 43 per cent of our clients' portfolio, which is a tangible proof that our services are the most suitable for this growing sector, that continuously seeks to connect its operations across the Gulf and Middle East.
Hannides said "the program is tangible proof that we do not forget domestic tourism".