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It will reach Bulgaria on December 24 and will be felt here most tangibly on Tuesday and Wednesday.
He said he "did not see on the horizon" a way to extricate out of the current situation except through rallying around the army, which has put forward a serious plan to tangibly address the deteriorating situation.
Presumed consent will only tangibly increase the number of organs available if the nearly 60 million people living to our east are also roped into this policy.
It will be what he tangibly brings back in terms of investment opportunities for Wales, the money it will bring in and the jobs it will create.
Now, we want to expand our community's awareness of the urgent needs at Natividad and the opportunities to tangibly improve the health status of Monterey County.
The event aimed to directly and tangibly facilitate the professional growth of the next generation of Emirati decision-makers.
The energy level at TRX is tangibly encouraging, and our global team remains focused on delivering efficient products and solutions to a growing number of clients as we look to 2012.
The Council of Europe and its member states must seize this opportunity to involve themselves tangibly and aid the transition to democracy in the Arab world.
After the crisis in 2009, companies' investments in IT infrastructure started to increase tangibly.
Commercial banks, wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing industries and the tertiary sector grew tangibly, compared with 2009 results.
Priced at 110 basis points over the Saudi Interbank Offered Rate (SIBOR), the five-year bond witnessed high demand from investors in a short book-building period, resulting in a price that was tangibly at the lower end of the range.
I tangibly felt the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in the worship times and prayer times.