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But one thing is, don't give them sweets just before picking wild berries or it call ruin the tastebuds for the tanginess of berries right off the bush.
A more bracing tanginess informed the orchestra's nautically bracing account of From Sea to Sky by composer-in-residence David Matthews, its lively detail well-served by this orchestra of chamber proportions.
It tastes of vanilla oak with a lemon tart tanginess.
In Act 1, the stage is an exterior courtyard where Swanilda (Fransoise Joullie) and Franz (Josu Zabala) wow each other and schmooze with friends in a series of physical games and dance sequences that display some of the tanginess of Jerome Robbins's West Side Story choreography, European folk dances, and disco.
The mild, clean flavor sparkles upon taste with high acidity and finishes with a palate-cleansing tanginess for a fresh start to the morning.
Creamy Havarti is a mild and aromatic cheese with just a hint of tanginess.
And then a taste of marmalade - not just orange, definitely the taste that Paddington bear loves - drifts gently across your taste buds for a bit of tanginess.
There is ample sweetness in the juice to soften the tanginess of the tamarind.
The hearty lentils, the sweetness of the onions and a touch of spiced tanginess are an electric healing combination.
The Eden opens with aromas of chocolate, followed by a nutty tanginess, leading to a rich finish.
Bright in colour, the herbal tanginess is rather different to anything I've tried before; an almost bitter aftertaste lingers, following the initial bout of sweetness.