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Aye, sir, said Stubb -- caught among the tangles of your line --I thought I saw him dragging under.
His eyes seemed to be taking in everything--the gray trees with the gray creepers climbing over them and hanging from their branches, the tangle on the walls and among the grass, the evergreen alcoves with the stone seats and tall flower urns standing in them.
His father was a judge in Toledo; but young Scribner showed no aptitude for the tangles of the law.
But the black kitten had been finished with earlier in the afternoon, and so, while Alice was sitting curled up in a corner of the great arm-chair, half talking to herself and half asleep, the kitten had been having a grand game of romps with the ball of worsted Alice had been trying to wind up, and had been rolling it up and down till it had all come undone again; and there it was, spread over the hearth-rug, all knots and tangles, with the kitten running after its own tail in the middle.
From the garden behind the house--such a garden, Bunny-- oleanders and mimosa, myrtles, rosemarys and red tangles of fiery, untamed flowers--in a corner of this garden was the top of a subterranean stair down to the sea; at least there were nearly two hundred steps tunnelled through the solid rock; then an iron gate, and another eighty steps in the open air; and last of all a cave fit for pirates, a-penny-plain-and-two-pence- colored.
I'm likely to make him need it all when he tangles up with me.
But in such striking-out he tangles his arms, pulls strong on the slip-knot, and it runs home.
As the least tangle or kink in the coiling would, in running out, infallibly take somebody's arm, leg, or entire body off, the utmost precaution is used in stowing the line in its tub.
He came down out of the tangle of ropes under the stays of the smashed bowsprit, some small rope caught his heel as he let go, and he hung for a moment head downward, and then fell and struck a block or spar floating in the water.
At Putney, as I afterwards saw, the bridge was almost lost in a tangle of this weed, and at Richmond, too, the Thames water poured in a broad and shallow stream across the meadows of Hampton and Twickenham.
Just underneath flamed a tangle of peonies in bloom, leaning down to the calm blue waters.
You thirst for life and try to settle the problems of life by a logical tangle.