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When weeds threatened to choke our water source, we paddled out in a canoe and pulled the tangly plants into the boat.
Unlike the other fried-coral lumps in that chain, this one hosted a wild, tangly mass of spooky-dark jungle--a perfect place for a boy to read Robert Leckie's Pacific-combat classic Helmet For My Pillow.
I have been doing this job for 16 years and the red tape is no less tangly than it was when I started out, and I live in fear of forgetting an important detail.
There's a tangly little creek down south of ChokoIoskee that comes to mind; the creek runs from the Wilderness Waterway to the open Gulf, with deep holes and a few open pools.
Daisy, who's four and has just started school, has the most tangly golden locks you can imagine, and needs a really good conditioner in her shampoo.
He could shift his ball just three feet into the tangly stuff, he took four shots to get on the green and another three to get the ball into the hole.
With practically no run on the fairways and no easy escape from the wet, tangly rough, scoring was always going to be high for those who strayed from the straight and narrow.