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Spearheading the entertainment for the evening is the Tantalizing Cast, with a bevy of seductive and entertaining stage shows throughout the evening.
Most drama films over play it with the theatrics but "Samyan" has a tantalizing and inexplicable thrill.
Summary: Muscat: Mohammed Abbas with tantalizing bowling figures of four for 17 in 9.
However, recent advances in neuroscience have made more tantalizing than ever the prospect of scientifically explaining consciousness and how we come to understand the world, according to Edelman, the 1972 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
The Creaky Traveler in Ireland" is sure to be another success in this on-going series from Sentient Publications, piquing the reader's curiosity, tantalizing same to wonder where the "Creaky Traveler" will voyage to next.
Clay and his companions, along with others they meet, experience heartbreak and triumph, and even hoped-for salvation, in the final tantalizing scene, with Clay making one final desperate attempt to bring his beloved phone-crazed son out of his trance-like state.
Tantalizing Quest 04240 by singer, actor and dancer John Collings is the entertaining, engaging, informative, and occasionally inspiring autobiography of John Collings.
Karen Grigsby Bates and Karen Elyse Hudson have updated their tome by incorporating tips on cell-phone use, the Internet, banking online, e-mail etiquette, the wellness movement and a host of other tantalizing tidbits for the electronic age.
Our chefs were inspired to create these tantalizing new recipes based on neighborhood restaurant favorites," explains the label on Stouffer's new line of six Corner Bistro frozen entrees.
Defense Department documents and geographic disparity--similar incidents have surfaced in Afghanistan and Guantanamo--offer tantalizing evidence of a system-wide pattern of abuse.
The collection of recipes features tantalizing dishes from the chefs of Hawaii's renowned Blossoming Lotus vegan restaurant.
That tree and its location, this elegant new building and the ingenious machine that it houses, make a captivating landmark that raises tantalizing questions about invention, the consideration of time and the place where knowledge, technologies and views of the world are constructed.