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New York Review (pick your author): One of the lesser known figures of the nouvelle vague, Pierre Bonnard ("Bonne" to his friends, tantalizingly reminiscent of Proust's "Bonne Mere") expressed his sarcastic but nonetheless existential view of the anomie of his days with his famous question, "Ou sont les Japs?
Renamed the "Chocolate Fling," Krispy Kreme/ICON LLC gives this tantalizingly tasty chocolate treat a unique personality that reflects the enjoyment guests experience when eating this delicious doughnut.
Tantalizingly written, each story sparking curiosity to delve deeper into its tangled mystery, Issi's and Other Tales is a treat to be savored, one mysterious story at a time or all at once.
Viewed against the backdrop of the very winnable National League West, a division the Dodgers came tantalizingly close to taking over but didn't, it was a bitter disappointment.
At the climax, the Simpsons writers leave the issue of women in mathematics tantalizingly unresolved.
A vice president at television giant ABC before her career switch, it wasn't as if she lacked the corporate pedigree, skill sets, and leadership ability to find quick success in the real estate industry and tap into the tantalizingly lucrative spoils that come with being an upper echelon dealmaker.
At night, light pulsates through the crystalline lattice, tantalizingly exposing floors of merchandise.
This is a new way of looking at the Reformation, and while her analysis here is tantalizingly brief, her approach offers a wealth of possibilities.
But in the end, whether or not you identify her sources or learn the meaning of her symbols, the mysteries of her pain tings remain tantalizingly unresolved.
This is not to say that such notions cannot be found, but until the work started here is finished, it will be difficult to confirm the hypotheses Stapleton so tantalizingly proposes.
Scammers promise investors tantalizingly high rates of return on investments by including a bonus payment to attract investors.
But on Thursday night, two days after he was traded to Los Angeles in a deadline deal, the legendary right-hander came tantalizingly close in his Dodgers debut, to the point that he needed just nine more outs to etch his name in the last remaining book of baseball history where it can't already be found.