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New patented technology securely bonds extruded thermoplastic elastomers to generic double-sided, pressure sensitive self-adhesive tape products.
The first challenge with tape drives faster than a network connection is that bigger and faster tape drives won't allow us to back up larger systems across the network.
This tape would be useful to teach staff and clients, or students in an AOD course, about biochemical properties of addiction.
Almost all tape backup systems can verify that the data written to a tape are exactly the same as the original data.
The desire to minimize distractions has led many departments to use covert techniques, even when suspects were made aware that the interview was being documented on video tape.
One of the challenges in developing a data recorder for the oil and gas industry is dealing with a multitude of tape technologies and formats," explained Mo Nour, president of Ultera Systems.
Restoring data from tape, on the other hand, has notoriously been a slow and painful process, often taking days or weeks to accomplish.
Hold up to eight LTO-2 tape cartridges in two tape magazines (four tapes each)
As tape handling has improved and track densities have increased, a curious phenomenon has appeared.
The new TE-200 Tape Engine turns offline backup tapes into a directly searchable repository.
The myriad types of storage media included reels, chips, strips, cylinders, and sheets of tape or film.
Steel blue Duck(R) brand duct tape was originally introduced in 2003 as an option in part of a nationwide contest to select the next limited edition color of duct tape.