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Several tapered insulation forms are commonly used, including one-way slopes, two-way slopes, and four-way or pyramidal (along with inverse pyramidal) shapes.
Viewed side-on, the space between the curved lens and the flat slide was a layer of air that narrowed to zero thickness where the lens touched the slide - essentially a tapered waveguide.
This technique allows a straight or reversed tapered sprue with no detrimental effect, and newer practices allow the sleeve to be placed right above the mold cavity, eliminating the need for runners.
Mixed butalbital compounds that contain caffeine and aspirin (or acetaminophen) in addition to the barbiturate should be tapered by one tablet every 3-5 days.
Timken had already convinced the railroad passenger car industry of the competitive advantages of tapered roller bearings as early as 1927 when they were installed on trains such as the Burlington "Zephyr" and Rock Island "Rocket.
With the introduction of the 150 mm and Tapered 210 mm Long Balloons to the US market, physicians can now reach and treat arteries in the feet more easily than ever before.
Inkmann `Q' meet at Belmont Plaza, setting five CCAT age-group records and two overall club marks, despite not being tapered for the four-day competition.
Tapered rolls are larger in diameter at one end than the other.
To alleviate the problem of incomplete mold fill with uniform section thickness castings, walls may be tapered with extra padding during the design and/or ribs and webs may be added to the casting to provide feed paths for the molten metal.
The improved, patented Model DB Series crosshead is available with a fixed or adjustable center tapered manifold and head body that can extrude one or two layers of material.