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Patients in the tapering group also achieved fewer consecutive weeks of self-reported opioid abstinence (2.
Pound continued to recover in the second half of 2013 as Fed tapering fears came down and improvement was witnessed in UK economy.
This adjustment is underway, but in a choppy pattern, due to the Fed's 'Hamlet syndrome' about beginning the tapering down of QE3.
A tapering of Quantitative Easing (QE) by the US Federal Reserve may hurt global growth, according to QNB Group.
3SAE's fiber optic Taper Manufacturing Station offers three customizable tapering modes: single direction, bi- directional and table-based.
Tapering and Peaking for Optimal Performance offers detailed discussion on the science and program of tapering during training, and is the first book devoted to the topic.
In 2007, Ortwin Hess of the University of Surrey in Guildford, UK, and colleagues proposed a technique to trap light inside a tapering waveguide, which is a structure that guides light waves down its length.
A consequence of shaft tapering is presented in the proposed example.
In swimming circles it's called tapering, a period in which swimmers gradually scale back their pool time in hopes of properly resting their bodies for the biggest meet of the season.
The outcome is a tapering double-height volume of living, dining and kitchen, with a bathroom economically tucked into the narrow end.
Tapering web tension as the roll increases should also be used if the winder has that capability.
Once the tapering is well underway, offer preventive polypharmacy for the patient's continuing headaches, he advised.