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With the Fed chief explaining about tapering off and the timing of a rate hike, "The monetary policy direction now is toward a stronger dollar (against the yen)," said Toru Moritani, chief market economist at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.
4 billion in 1995, then fell to $885 million in 1997, before spiking to $4 billion in 2001 and $8 billion in 2002, and finally tapering off to $6 billion in 2003.
Major Armenian immigration to Glendale started in the 1970s, and has continued in spurts until tapering off recently, said Bianca Manoukian, spokeswoman for the Armenian Cultural Foundation.
Output has surged in step with demand, and imports are tapering off.
The Lion King's'' visual splendor is ongoing, peaking and tapering off as scenes dictate.
That trend seems to be tapering off in recent months, but the hurricane related claims have also taken adjusters away from working on claims related to failed products which are sent to DPI for inspection.