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Some wire is wrapped with paper tape at a speed of nine thousand miles a day.
The silk thread comes from Italy and Japan; the iron for magnets, from Norway; the paper tape, from Manila; the mahogany, from South America; and the rubber, from Brazil and the valley of the Congo.
The delicious flight-curves come away on the tape with never a waver.
He whipped out his lens and a tape measure, and hurried about the room on his knees, measuring, comparing, examining, with his long thin nose only a few inches from the planks, and his beady eyes gleaming and deep-set like those of a bird.
While the megaphone barks at a famous hostelry, let me whisper you through the low-tuned cardiaphone to sit tight; for now things are about to happen, and the great city will close over them again as over a scrap of ticker tape floating down from the den of a Broad street bear.
Sir Pitt Crawley (named after the great Commoner) was the son of Walpole Crawley, first Baronet, of the Tape and Sealing-Wax Office in the reign of George II.
If I had waited for the governor to let her know in the usual course of red tape we should never have got anywhere.
As he spoke, he whipped a tape measure and a large round magnifying glass from his pocket.
Having disposed of this temperate refreshment, she arose from her stool, tied her papers into a formal packet with red tape, and taking them under her arm, marched out of the office.
Single Sided Tapes I-3Packaging Tapes I-3Masking Tapes I-4Medical Tapes I-4Electrical & Electronic Tapes I-4Other Single Sided Tapes I-42.
The BGSA system overcomes the cost and quality issues by using generic double-sided PSAs and a process of securely bonding the tapes to custom elastomer extruded profiles in a high quality one-step process.
The basic defense ten or so years ago was locally attached tape drives and native backup and recovery tools.