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The company said the impact can be observed in terms of both levels of tappable equity available to borrowers as well as the continuing reduction in the number of borrowers who owe more than their homes are worth.
These teens need access to content that is tappable, swipeable, manipulatable, and that includes audio and video.
quoting an observer as saying, "With modern communications, `target' messages travel not simply over individually tappable wires like those that connect the ordinary telephone, but as part of entire message streams, which can contain up to 970 individual message circuits, and have voice, telegram, telex and high speed data bunched together").
A 1994 law requires the feds to work with the industry to make sure the cell network is as tappable as land lines.
276) This is not necessarily to say that deploying tappable systems will always be a pointless exercise, nor is it to suggest that CALEA will produce no gain whatsoever.
High Plains, however, is painless compared to what awaits Libya and Saudi Arabia when their fossil aquifers are no longer tappable.