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But even our great King Richard may yield to the holy Pope without shame, and even take a tap from him by way of penance; therefore I will yield myself to this holy friar, who seemeth to be one in authority, and will take my punishment from him.
We know she had to tap twice, because Hetty had to put out her candles and throw off her black lace scarf; but after the second tap the door was opened immediately.
And here it is: you tap him once with that baby crowbar, and I'll tap you hard enough to lose me my job and to send you to hospital.
My aunt Starkweather settled the question by a second tap on my shoulder.
Rouletabille, with a friendly tap on my shoulder, confessed that he had nothing more to learn at the Glandier; he had learned there all it had to tell him.
But just keep your head and tap him--whatever you do, keep tapping him.
In the clinches, which were unavoidable, he locked the Iron Man's arms, and in the clinches the Iron Man invariably laughed and apologized, only to lose his head with the first tap the instant they separated and be more infuriated than ever.
Weller to the tap, where they were soon occupied in discussing an exhilarating compound, formed by mixing together, in a pewter vessel, certain quantities of British Hollands and the fragrant essence of the clove.
Tap at it when you hear the clock strike, and I will open it instantly.
Two or three minutes passing without any reply, he gave another tap rather louder, and then another rather louder than that.
Take the key, or I'll brain you with it'--indeed he gave him a smart tap with the handle as he spoke.
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