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Traffic is the most common cause of tardiness among employees (50 percent), followed by lack of sleep (30 percent) and bad weather (26 percent).
He is doing the same work as a certified programmer but is being paid like a non-certified one due to the unnecessary tardiness of the university.
Suhoski for five business days after "excessive tardiness.
The performance of selective rerouting policy has been evaluated with respect to the tardiness based performance measure.
The simulation results showed the superiority of the FPR over traditional rules in mean flow time and mean tardiness.
He discusses causes of behavior problems, from adapting to college life to issues with special needs learners, and how to make a strong first impression and establish routines, rules, and protocols; create positive learning environments; deal with students with challenging behavior; use body language; manage anger and confrontation, difficult groups, and problems like tardiness, use of electronic devices and the internet, swearing, bad manners, drunkenness, and flirting; and use support staff.
In the stipulation, "Judge Singbush admitted that (1) 'since his election in 1991, [he] has been habitually tardy for hearings, first appearances, and trials for which he was the presiding judge'; (2) 'when tardy, [he] was often tardy for more than 15 minutes'; (3) '[his] tardiness inconveniences and economically burdens lawyers, litigants, and the judicial system'; [and] (4) 'the majority of the times [he] was late to [c]ourt were without good cause .
A 2011 Amnesty International report brought attention to the Vatican's tardiness in submitting the document as part of a trend it characterized as "the enduring failure of the Catholic church to address" the sexual abuse scandal.
A few people have lucked out all their lives and never really suffered a serious consequence of their tardiness.
Mayor Hasan Jaber of Hay Bayad blamed the electricity company in Nabatiyeh for the consequences of their tardiness in replacing the generator.
Anyway the arrive-on-time thing is certainly not true of Kipp; since the recession began we have resolutely maintained the tardiness for which we have become famous, strolling into the office in t-shirt and flip flops whenever we choose, a nonchalant air about us (you can get away with anything if you're nonchalant enough).
Researches in single machine scheduling with earliness and tardiness penalties became one of the major areas of interest in scheduling theory (Ying, 2008), (Linet al.