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TARE, weights. An allowance in the purchase and sale of merchandise, for the weight of the box, bag, or cask, or other thing, in which the goods are packed. It is also an allowance made for tiny defect, waste, or diminution in the weight, quality or quantity of goods. It differs from tret. (q.v.)

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The Student Handbook chapters and subheadings are parallel with the TARE text, so looking something up is a snap.
TARES was synthesized in our laboratory and identified by IR and 1H NMR with purity greater than 99.
The contract has as its object the creation and subsequent updating of the comprehensive database of real estate objects of tax evasion of taxes ici search / imu and tarsu / tares, and subsequent activities to support the assessment and collection, even coercive and to ascertain the shared municipal tax revenues, as specified in the specifications.
Next she works as a silk worker, but it is an abusive situation where the business owner tares advantage of the cheap labor of orphans from a nearby orphanage--girls again.
Contract notice: Race for the award of the concession contract by open verification service ici / imu and tares / any new taxes and compulsory collection of revenue and capital extrapatrimoniali entity.
The investigation tares them from a small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the shadowy underbelly of San Francisco.
Contract notice: Support services to the activity of ordinary imu, tares and sanctions study, recovery evasion ici / imu - tarsu / tares and reliability of service management icp-dpa-cosap, other tax revenues and balance sheet as well as the extratributarie forcible collection of all municipal revenues and legal assistance for the collection of municipal taxes - period 1.