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Similarly, the rate of PSA screening for prostate cancer was highest in the 75- to 79-year-old group (57%), followed by the oldest group (42%), and was lower in the target population of men aged 50-74 years (40%).
Services offered by the MHC are meeting the needs of the target population.
After identifying the statistical sample, the taxpayer has to review the remaining target population to identify the total number of similar fringes provided to the individual employees in the sample.
The course is designed to present specific content in thirteen core management areas -- Participant Development & Behavior, Risk Management, Health & Wellness, Target Population & Diversity, Transportation, Site & Facilities, Leadership, Human Resources, Mission/Purpose, Program Design & Activities, Business & Finance, Marketing, and Food Services.
Utilizing these programs as interventions to prevent falls and promote restraint reduction for a target population at a target time proved tremendously successful, as disclosed by the following comparative analysis of the trends/patterns of falls before and after we implemented the program: (1) none of the falls are occurring between 10 and 11:30 am, compared with 60% prior to the program; (2) 20% of fails are occurring between 3 and 4:30 pm and involve alert and oriented residents, as compared with 100% prior to the program; and (3) of that 20% of falls between 3 and 4:30 pm, none involved those residents participating in the ballroom dancing intervention.
Our clients with more severe disabilities are being forgotten," or, "Who is the target population that should be served?
Monitoring should assess any changes in the target population compared to a pre-implementation base year.
Analysis of data defines a target population and mechanism of injury to be addressed.
From a fairly limited scope, in which the target population was thought largely to comprise branch banking customers, Citibank was able to expand the target population to a national base.
A drug can still be considered an orphan when its target population exceeds 200,000 if the sponsor cannot recoup the cost of development and marketing through sales of the drug in the United States.
The committee calculates that for a target population of 1.
The new report* states that although therapeutic options that target a small population are expensive, their uptake is expected to be rapid in the target population.