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Targeting rule enforcement - Adherence to targeting rules for both matching and repelling of advertisements such that adjacency restrictions are enforced.
Thorough review of five major targeting strategies in oncology: Protein kinase inhibitors, Anti-angiogenic and vascular targeting agents, Immunostimulators, Antibodies and Vaccines
We built the world's first automatic targeting ad network in response to advertiser and publisher demand for a simplified, lower risk solution for online advertising that also improves relevance and revenue," said Jim Barnett, CEO, Turn Inc.
Companies with the ten highest numbers of clinical trials make up more than 40% of all research and development done in anti-angiogenesis and vascular targeting in oncology, but they just constitute 10% of the competitors in the field.
Upon delivery to the target cell, the targeting ligand binds to membrane receptors on the cell surface and the RNA-containing nanoparticle is taken into the cell by endocytosis.
This important alliance with GSK will provide us with access to significant capital in the near and long term to support the ongoing development of each of these programs, as well as the ability to continue to discover and bring forward multiple new compounds targeting the chemokine system.
24/7 Real Media (NASDAQ: TFSM), a leading global digital marketing company, today unveiled Open AdStream 6, the industry's first comprehensive ad management platform that combines the powerful business intelligence of Web analytics and behavioral targeting with a world-class, award-winning ad serving and campaign management platform.
Endocyte's proprietary targeting technology enables anti-cancer drugs to reach tumor cells more specifically through a process that is also hypothesized to reduce the risk of toxicity to healthy tissues.
This Decision Resources report discusses why protein-protein interactions are so hard to target, describe general strategies for targeting them, and present case studies of protein-protein interaction drug discovery.

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