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Progress analysis of major cancer indications for respective targeting strategy, including players, drugs, clinical progress and pitfalls
Advertisers were overwhelmed by the cost and complexity of working with numerous manual networksCoeach with a single or limited targeting approach.
Understand the clinical and strategic challenges to the commercialization of anti-angiogenic and vascular targeting drugs
Previously, publishers had to manually transfer data between separate, often incompatible analytics, behavioral targeting and ad serving applications - an inefficient process typically resulting in hours, or even days, of missed revenue opportunities.
Research results thus far indicate that therapies based on our folate receptor targeting technology could deliver potent anti-cancer agents to cells associated with many carcinomas, including those of the ovary, kidney, brain, lung, breast and endometrium.
Select Drugs in Development Targeting Apoptosis or Cell Proliferation and Survival
While local is all the rage - at least in terms of search -- just 24 percent of those surveyed said they respond most to geographic targeting ("businesses in your local community"); 18 percent said they were most apt to respond to behavioral targeting (ads based on "your past behavior on a given website").
Each product is designed to meet the standards of the industry's most progressive offerings while combining the strengths inherent in all four types of targeting solutions for maximum impact.
com), a leader in online performance marketing, today announced the launch of two innovative pre-planning tools for online marketing campaigns -- Interactive Targeting Map(TM) and Virtual Channel Designer(TM).
Through a number of collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry and universities, Endocyte is investigating its proprietary targeting technology to potentially reduce toxicities and improve specificity of a variety of anticancer drugs.

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