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SIDON, Lebanon: Sidon Sheikh Ahmad Assir Friday warned against attempts to tarnish the image of Sunnis in Lebanon for providing shelter to Syrian refugees.
Close inspection of the surface ruled out microbial activity, and ascertained that the tarnish was most developed along stress zones created during the striking process.
Excessive tarnish can inhibit flux effectiveness during manufacturing and may eventually lead to corrosion of the silver finish and underlying copper conductors.
The majority of treatments that are applied to increase tarnish resistance can lead to other undesirable properties in jewellery items.
I was flabbergasted as F watched the polish wipe away layers and years of tarnish.
The electrochemical reaction causes effervescing as the tarnish clears.
VICTORY: Security firm boss Tony 'Banger' Walsh has welcomed new laws to curb cowboy operators who tarnish his industry's reputation.
Explain how copper and silver baths remove tarnish without a bit of back-breaking work.
Numerous initials, names, hearts, and dates (from 1927 to 1990) tarnish the otherwise smooth bole.
TARNISHED SILVERWARE To clean grime and tarnish from your cutlery, first line the kitchen sink with a sheet of tin foil, and fill it with hot water.
ISLAMABAD, March 03, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Senior leader Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Nazar Muhammad Gondal strongly condemned the killing of Shahbaz Bhatti said the terrorists and extremists are trying to tarnish the image of the country.