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The Nut-Nougat-Cream Tartlets combine light and dark walnut cream on a short crust pastry base.
Put 1/2 teaspoon strawberry jam into each tartlet case and spread it over the base.
Pile mixture into cooled tartlet cases and decorate with half a strawberry and sifted icing sugar if desired.
Combine the mince and rhubarb mixture and spoon into tartlets.
Bake the tartlets in a pre-heated oven, 200C/400F/Gas Mark 6, for 2025 minutes until they are golden and firm to the touch.
Warm a flat non-stick pan on a low heat, grease some crumpet rings or small tartlet rings and rub the pan with butter.
It is a bit of a cheat as I have used ready-made tartlet cases from M&S, which are shortbready and delicious, but best of all the tartlets can be filled hours in advance without going at all soggy.
They served up a range of Wales the True Taste award-winning products including: Halen Mon cured salmon, Danzy Jones chocolate mousse, Merlin Liqueur tartlet, Pantysgawen goat's cheese tartlet and Perlas cheese fritters.
Scotch Pancakes with Smoked Salmon, Fennel and Sour Cream For the Pancakes Ingredients (makes 8 pancakes) Small frying pans or tartlet moulds 125g self raising flour 1 pinch salt 150ml milk 1 egg, beaten 50g melted butter Vegetable oil for cooking Method 1.
ARAS AN UACHTARAIN LUNCH MENU*Smoked free range chicken, onion marmalade, boxty with crisped organic bacon and micro leaves *Roast turbot with fish sauce, tartlet with creamed celeriac and crisped beetroot and potato rose *Shredded cabbage hearts with caraway seeds *Buttermilk ice-cream *Compote of rhubarb and caramel *Oatcake biscuits, tea and coffee, petits fours *Wine: Baron de Ladoucette Puilly Fume 2008, Chateau Pontac-Lynch, Margaux, 2004
The day also provided an opportunity to work with ready-made tartlet shells, choux buns and other items from pastry specialist Pruve.