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Each panelist rated the apples for appearance, flavor, sweetness, tartness, and firmness using a ten point scale, where 1 = dislike extremely (very low), 5 = neither like or dislike (moderate), and 10 = like extremely (very high).
An early dawn of Macs, Galas, Ginger Golds and the others is something we're happy to keep up with, filling our bags with their plump pretty orbs streaked in reds, greens and yellows, treating ourselves royally to their juicy tartness and sunny sweetness.
Harvest tomatillos when they're green and walnut-size; they'll have a lemony tartness that mellows nicely in cooking.
One fruit, papaya, offers a creamy taste with a softer balance than that of a mango--vaguely similar to pineapple and peach, although milder and without the tartness.
Their tartness even provides a delicious counterpoint to rich meats and smoked fish.
Incorporating cranberries into your diet can be a challenge because of their tartness.
Solo soy candles from Er'go--a new collection of 21 fragrances--focus on the properties of fruits and flowers, like tartness, juiciness, bitterness and sweetness.
Likewise, their mustard-flavored Original Nutritional Dressing adds a pleasant tartness to salads and renders that same flavor as a marinade or dipping sauce.
The difficulty in making jam is the amount of pectin the fruit contains and balancing up the acidity of the fruit, in other words how much sugar depends on the tartness of the fruit.
The ad aims to position them as products for families who want cranberries' health benefits but without tartness.
Loads of barley sugar richness and lengthy green apple tartness that goes on and on like a Radio 1 DJ.
Though a pate, rich and gamy in flavor, may require the creamy weight and tartness of a barley wine or bock beer.