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If, in our country, valour were rewarded by heraldic honour, this phrase -- which it seems so easy to speak, but which only he, with such a task of danger and glory before him, has ever spoken -- would be the best and fittest of all mottoes for the General's shield of arms.
On the uneven floor it was a task for a man to start one of these trucks, unless he was a giant; and when it was once started he naturally tried his best to keep it going.
He turned once more to the two brothers and said, 'His diabolical magic has helped him again, but now what third task shall we set him to do?
But there remains a greater task, to find out the author of all this or sorrow and to stamp him out.
We worked long and hard ere they were won, and you can win one of those, if you will do the task we give you.
But how slight a consideration was this, when he reflected that the eternal welfare of a whole race of men depended upon his accomplishment of the task which he had set himself
It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us.
When the king came and saw this, he was greatly astonished and pleased; but his heart grew still more greedy of gain, and he shut up the poor miller's daughter again with a fresh task.
And so he progressed very, very slowly, for it was a hard and laborious task which he had set himself without knowing it--a task which might seem to you or me impossible--learning to read without having the slightest knowledge of letters or written language, or the faintest idea that such things existed.
A new kind of man in the coloured world," I said to myself--"a new kind of man surely if he looks upon his task as an economic one instead of a theological one.
He had plenty of time to accomplish this task, for Mombi had gone to a village -- to buy groceries, she said -- and it was a journey of at least two days.
I rose next morning with a feeling of hopeful exhilaration, in spite of the disappointments already experienced; but I found the dressing of Mary Ann was no light matter, as her abundant hair was to be smeared with pomade, plaited in three long tails, and tied with bows of ribbon: a task my unaccustomed fingers found great difficulty in performing.