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Link for TASKING provides processor-in-the-loop (PIL) testing features that enable embedded object code to be cosimulated with Simulink.
Altium continues to demonstrate its ability as a powerful tool partner with this latest evolution of its TASKING M16C compiler chain," said David Noverraz, Product Manager, Support Tools, Renesas Technology Europe.
As with the latest TASKING toolset for Infineon's C166/XC166 family, the new TriCore VX-toolset offers increased configurability of MISRA-C:2004 compliance checking.
The support for the TC1130 in the TASKING TriCore VX-toolset includes the availability of Special Function Register files, debugger connectivity to evaluation boards, and quick-and-easy selection and configuration of the new device from within the development suite.
Verheijen, product manager for TASKING tools, Altium.
com/products/tricore for more information on the TASKING TriCore VX-toolset, or go to www.
Altium has gone to great lengths to further improve their already outstanding TASKING TriCore tool chain," says Dr Sam Jenkins, compiler and benchmarking expert, Infineon Technologies, Bristol.
Altium believes that this increased efficiency places the TASKING toolset well ahead of the competition in this increasingly popular DSP architecture.
Benefitting from Altium's close partnership with Infineon Technologies, TASKING TriCore Software Development Toolset offers full support for the new, second-generation TriCore 2 architecture.
The 8051 is a versatile and widely-used architecture and the TASKING 8051 toolset gives developers everything they need to produce tight, fast, and reliable code for today's demanding embedded applications.
The TASKING StarCore toolset will offer an integrated software development environment that enables developers to take advantage of the complete range of StarCore derivatives.
4 of the TASKING TriCore toolset continues to lead the way with many architecture-specific compiler features, additions to the Assembler allowing the support of the upcoming TriCore 2 instruction set, as well as the inclusion of a set of TriCore 2 specific C/C++ libraries.