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With Taskmasters, the foot now gets direct contact with the midsole's supportive cushioning.
The unique engineering of the Taskmaster boots breaks from traditional manufacturing techniques to create a work boot sure to make a splash in 2001.
In The Prince of Egypt, the story of Yahweh sending Moses to set the Hebrews free of their Egyptian taskmasters forms the backdrop of a more personal, psychological tale about two brothers who grow up to be deadly foes.
With The New Yorker for a finishing school and, as taskmasters, an editorial gaggle of deeply idiosyncratic, "more or less elderly" men led by William Shawn, the young Kennedy Fraser, a veritable '60s English rose amid brambles, was a stylish and rigorously cossetted debutante in the most exclusive, most lavishly indulgent precinct of literary New York.
This is not speculation or opinion, for we read about it every day - labourers and maids beaten up into submission, forced into giving up or being denied basic rights until their greedy taskmasters get their way.
We are now in the 21st century, therefore, there are no surviving slaves to remunerate for their suffering, no former taskmasters to be punished for the cause of it.
Right from the opening scene of ``The Prince of Egypt,'' which shows Hebrew slaves struggling to construct the pyramids under the whips of the Egyptian pharaoh's taskmasters, we get the sense of the film's epic proportions.
It was controlled exclusively by Egyptian taskmasters.
Granada Hills was a nice little story, a team that seemingly overachieved through the fist nine weeks behind co-coaches Darryl Stroh and Tom Harp, two crusty taskmasters who came out of retirement to breath life back into the once-dominant program that turned sour the last few years.