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However, how edible and safe these colours and taste enhancers are is highly doubted," says Dr Sachdeva.
We are presently using similar assays with the sweet receptor to screen our extensive libraries of nearly half a million natural extracts and synthetic compounds to discover new sweet taste enhancers and low- or non-caloric natural high potency sweeteners," Snyder added.
The loss was blamed on generally poor conditions in the German retail food industry plus the onetime-only cost of assuring that all production was Reinheitsgbot (Purity Ordinance) compliant, which guarantees that its ready meals are completely free of artificial flavoring, coloring and taste enhancers.
Soft drink Sunny Delight won the Additive Nightmare Award for its use of artificial taste enhancers and colourings.
It won the Additive Nightmare award for the most blatant use of artificial taste enhancers and colourings.
Chapter 6 Herbal Sources of Food Supplements, Taste Enhancers, Colours and Cosmetics