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Well, my idea is, that perhaps he's found some way of making strychnine tasteless.
They abhor men as tasteless, dull, and inconvertible, and console themselves with color-bags and blocks of marble.
Come thou, and if I am too tasteless of thy valuable treasures, warm my heart with the transporting thought of conveying them to others.
From the pepper cruet you may shake a cloud of something tasteless and melancholy, like volcanic dust.
The sparkle and bubble has gone out and it is a tasteless drink.
And she could not see him otherwise, for he was connected with what there was of the salt of passion in her tasteless life - the passion of indignation, of courage, of pity, and even of self-sacrifice.
Is it tasteless to celebrate the end of a marriage?
The bread was tough and tasteless, the chopped tomatoes on top cold and even more tasteless - as if everything had spent six hours in a chiller.
The Teamsters are also renting a billboard at the corner of Spring and High Streets that reads, "Tell Labatt: Destroying Ohio Jobs is Tasteless.
Tasteless take on real-life tragedy The Sacrament 95mins
Well I think it's a very tasteless comment from the Congress party.
com)-- For generations, children have enjoyed playing police officers and soldiers -- And now they can play NSA Agents with the NSA Junior Spy Ear Listening Device from Tasteless.