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Some of the images are tastelessly timeless, like the anonymous 18th-century etching "Idol-Worship or the Way to Preferment," which shows gentlemen kissing the enormous posterior of Robert Walpole, a politician widely regarded as Britain's first prime minister.
As you are aware, the 'Kofeyye' has been tastelessly commercialized and economically exploited worldwide.
6) These responses evoke feminism as tastelessly sexually explicit, male-hating, and opposed to the embodiments of heterosexual dominance and consumerism in Valentine's Day, echoing Rush Limbaugh-like media demonizations of feminism as out of touch with "mainstream" values.
It is clear from the pictorial record, however, that the Black citizens of Virginia held a certain exotic appeal for the master, as Harper's Bazaar, rather tastelessly and punningly suggested in its article titled "Massa Dali in Ole Virginny.
Bozinovski's building, which opened in January, is like someone tastelessly dressed, arrayed in gumboots, lace stockings, a brocade skirt and a Chinese silk shirt, all heavily accented with bling and what appears to be a cosmonaut's helmet.
Terrified of imminent death and damnation, Anna exclaims that she dislikes the room's floral wallpaper: "'How tastelessly those flowers are done, they don't look at all like violets,' she said, indicating the wallpaper.
By figuring these women as stage mothers, the users draw on the classed view of childhood beauty pageants as tastelessly sexualizing young girls.
The characters are all brought to life--Mohammed, Salem, the perfumer Yeslam who tastelessly tried to make "bin Laden" brand jeans after 9/11, and the Americanized Abdullah, who approached a PR firm in New York after the attacks with the strange question "Do you know any Jewish lawyers?
In his first volume, Blind Fireworks (reprinted here fully for the first time since 1929), 'Middle Age' satirizes a bourgeois poet who 'pander[s] tastelessly the public taste' (p.
Scharf's dense, variform compositions, in which he mingles popular and lowbrow imagery in a high-art format, are at once kitschy, nostalgic, obsessive, and tastelessly showy.
Despite his insistence that merit would eventually come to prevail over privilege in the modern world, he seems to carelessly and tastelessly dismiss the potential of African, Asian, Irish, Jewish, and other groups.
Maria del Priorato on 1 January 1786 by Prince Stanislas Poniatowski of Poland, who commented: 'Close to there, also on the Aventine [is] the priory, disfigured by Piranesi's ugly church, in which there is a candelabrum, made up of beautiful pieces of sculpture assembled quite tastelessly and not even set up on the perpendicular'.