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Thus wrapped, Aurora Place resembles nothing so much as some exquisite neo-oriental canape, tastily cocooned in the latest translucent rice pastry.
6 Timothy McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Hyperkinetic memoirist Dave Eggers's (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) vibrant, tastily designed literary journal gathers together a broad mix of adventurous current writers--Lydia Davis, David Foster Wallace, Haruki Murakami, Jonathan Lethem, to name a few.
Swatch what you do Your tree-free paper shopping is much easier now with the tastily designed Simplelife Guide to Tree-Free, Recycled and Certified Papers.
By contrast, Hill uses very few samples on Miseducation, and much of the album's appeal is in its honest lyrics and original sounds tastily mixed with Hill's artistry as an arranger, rapper, singer, and producer.
We don't have time to cook, but we are trying to eat well, but tastily.
Parker Brewery is celebrating its first anniversary this month, and its Centurion Pale Ale was tastily sharp, refreshing from the fridge in the sunshine, with hints of orange.
In order to make it to the Final Table, Reinhardt had to skillfully and tastily make his way through several rounds of competition, turning in a signature seafood dish and fish tacos.
99) is a tastily modern take on the grape with the rich flavours of tropical fruit and a fresh, long-lasting zing.
30am PLUMP for a pair of tastily priced short favourites in today's secondround matches in Monte Carlo, writes Michael Brear.
40) which were tastily light, and provided as a great device for scooping up those delicious curry sauces.
Tastily decked out, not just in bits of bamboo and straw, but beautiful, hand painted murals and duo-stained wood fittings, Little Saigon has built up a loyal following since opening early last year, securing it the top title in this year's North East Restaurant Awards.
Damages," created and written by Daniel Zelman and Todd and Glenn Kessler, features an intriguing mystery alongside some tastily brittle dialogue coming from some compellingly, seriously dysfunctional characters.