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Table 4 presents the results from sensory evaluation of the meat from snails based on two processing methods using tastiness, toughness and tenderness as criteria for determining consumption preference.
Given the scope of Japan's whaling efforts, it seems the country has a deep need to experiment on the tastiness of whale meat, which is still widely sold on the open market there.
Red grouper are known for a few key characteristicsAutheir hue, which can range from pink to bright orange; their tastiness, whether theyAAEre grilled or sauteed; and their predation method, in which they ambush fellow sea creatures and swallow them whole.
These bantam turkeys are excellent for the small homestead, and the quality and tastiness of the meat is outstanding.
61) There was, according to Twain's ham-and-eggs logic, a vital link between the tastiness of the food and eating it on the ground.
A gut doesn't conjure up images of tastiness, nor deliciousness, nor even succulence.
It's not the cheapest meal you'll eat but for sheer tastiness and adventure it is hard to beat.
I'm too much of an indiscriminant burger lover to be a truly effective critic--a good burger is to be savored, not analyzed, I think--but Smashburger's crispy, carmelized edges and Angus tastiness are for real--up there with the Cherry Cricket in Cherry Creek and Crown Burger on South Colorado Boulevard and lliff Avenue.
Although it was a difficult decision to make it was the tastiness of the chips which bagged my award.
If you're avoiding gluten (proteins found in wheat) and casein (proteins found in dairy) to minimize autism effects, adhere to a special diet or stave off a food allergy, the health benefits are clear but tastiness is not a given.
Even the diner who dislikes sweet potatoes conceded the tastiness of the fries.
obviously those [risks] don't outweigh the tastiness factor or the beneficial .