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How the teacher responds to tattling will determine what the child will do in the future when she needs help.
Tattling on the San Francisco Club, where money is washed before it is returned to members as change, he points out that laundering money is a favorite American pastime.
After all, "as much as your mom loves you, she's seen you at your worst -- runny-nosed, squalling, tattling, lying, throwing tantrums.
Her reputation for strict rule enforcement turns into a tale of tattling.
I'm in Middle School offers straightforward advice for improving grades, making friends, getting things done, how to get along with teachers, how to stay out of trouble, what to do in response to bullying (the stone face is important, but the bottom line is that one will most likely have to tell an adult about it to make it stop), the difference between tattling and reporting (tattling is telling on someone just to get them into trouble, but reporting serious bullying or attempts to hurt people is necessary for self- protection and protecting others), and much more.
A If you go to your boss on this matter, your behavior may be regarded as tattling, shrinking responsibility, and undercutting a colleague.
Larry (Alvin Alvarez), the youngest, is the kid providing Leguizamo's perspective; his twin sister Lorena (Vaneza Leza Pitynski), is a drama queen addicted to tattling and telenovelas.