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Anderson has taught school for 10 years and has been a Tripod member since 1997 when she made a homepage.
She taught school in Portland and Eugene and retired in 1978 after teaching for 18 years in the Bethel School District.
We're doing it because we're interested in it,'' John Gaspar, who taught school in Alaska and New Mexico, said of the nursery.
Rickard later earned a Masters Degree at Case Western Reserve University, spent two years as a navy pilot, and then coached soccer and taught school for 10 years in Cleveland.
She taught school in many Oregon cities and says her favorite school was the third-grade class at Lowell, where she taught for 14 years.
Meisner, who helped open a skill center in Pacoima and has taught school in the Valley, said he knows firsthand how desperately teen-agers need job training.
She taught school for more than 25 years in both Kansas and California, where she and Earl moved in 1953.
She became fascinated with the Old West through tales of her paternal grandfather, a Cherokee Indian, and of her maternal great-aunt, Susie Sutton, who lived and taught school with Sioux Indians.
She taught school while completing requirements to get the regular teaching credential, which was awarded her in 1966 at what is now called California State University, Northridge.
She was sent to Calcutta, where she taught school for 20 years but was disturbed because she couldn't help the poor who lived in the slums and who didn't attend school.